Celebrating your F1 World Championship

Sunday 27th October 2013 - Put this date on your calendar as you witnessed history in the making. A young German by the name of Sebastian Vettel won his 4th straight Formula One World Championship. An amazing feat by anyone's standards. Let alone someone who'd only 26!

But, the travesty itself is that F1 does not allow for a celebration, or a public crowning glory, this is done behind closed doors at a black tie event - The FIA Gala held in December.
Can you watch it? No.
Can a fan buy tickets? No.
So surely there must be a public prize giving right? No

In football, If you win the Premier League title, Within 10 minutes of kick off, a stage is set in the middle of the pitch and medals are handed out, the trophy is paraded, emotions are on show. The worlds media get to see this and show it to the fans who dedicate their time and money to watch 'the show'

In the Olympic games and the FIFA world cup, the trophies are given out and the prize ceremonies are very public too!

But in F1, You get the podium ceremony, regimented and standard at every race regardless of the magnitude and meaning of the moment. The rules clearly state that you must not stop to celebrate on your slowing down lap, you must not deviate from the parc ferme regulations.

On Sunday. Vettel didn't go to Parc Ferme, he proceeded to the grid, in front of a grandstand of paying F1 Fans and gave them donuts and burnouts and put on a real show. It was great to see, the fans loved it, the emotion was clear to see and we'll certainly all remember it. However, The FIA investigated this 'breach of the rules' and issued a reprimand and a $25,000 fine.

Ludicrous!! The champion should be allowed to celebrate, allowed to have his crowning glory, and us, the paying public should get to see it.

So FIA, So Bernie... How do we improve the show?? Lets allow drivers to create one.