Vettel: World Champion: Legend

Yesterday marked a historical moment for F1. Sebastian Vettel won his fourth world championship in a row. Not the first time its ever been done but certainly the first 'first four' to be won on the bounce.

Vettel is a 26 year old German who only came into Formula one in 2007 as a stand in for the injured Kubica, In a BMW-Sauber, for the USA GP at Indy.

Vettel won his first point that day and was very quickly given a chance at Torro Rosso. He duly took the maiden win for Torro Rosso at a soggy Monza in 2008 and was elevated to Coulthard's replacement at the senior team - Red Bull Racing for 2009.

In 2009 Formula One embarked on a new generation of machinery with the rule changes vast. Adrian Newey was again at his best designing a great car for Red Bull. Without the controversial 'Double Diffuser' it was definitely the fastest car but finished 2nd in the standings to the Brawn GP team who took advantage of the loophole.

2010 was to be the big one, the first world title, won without leading the championship at any point during the 19 race season. The title was clinched in style in Abu Dhabi and triggered this run of tittle successes.

The road has not always been easy for Vettel, The fights with Webber, The unreliability (although this has hit the other car more regularly), The criticism. However Seb has undoubtedly silenced his critics with this 4th world championship.

Sebastian is a legend. A Formula One Champ who has bettered the greats of Senna, Alonso, Hakkinen, Stewart, Jim Clark....etc...etc but, aside from this, aside from the unarguable stats in his favour, he remains a nice bloke! A Genuine happy, funny guy. A guy who works very hard, keeps his private life private and has great speed, determination and race craft.

Sebastian Vettel  / Four Time Formula One World Champion / Legend