Other rule changes in 2014 #F1

In 2014 the formula will look very different, with new engines and aero changes everything will be very different.

Driver Numbers

Today the FIA have announced that drivers will now choose a number between #2 and #99 to represent them throughout their whole career in F1. If they win the championship then they will be able to choose to use the #1 for the following season.

This helps drivers to create better identities in the car and use their number for marketing purposes like we see a lot of in MotoGP for example Rossi's VR-46 is a world wide recognised brand.

Cost Cap

By the summer of 2014 a cost cap will be finalised to be implemented for the 2015 season which will being down the costs of competing significantly. It is no longer acceptable for an F1 team to spend £200 / 300 million a year just to go racing when the smaller teams at the back have no chance of ever competing.

My only worry is that this could well come too late in the day for some current teams who are struggling to get a budget together for 2014

New Penalty

A new 5 second time penalty has been added to the list of penalties available to race stewards for punishing minor infringements, this will be added post race and is likely to be used for things like drivers abusing track limits where it has seemed that the drive through is probably too harsh a penalty.

Double points in the final race

The biggest talking point is undoubtedly that double points will be awarded for the final race in the championship. This will be apply to the drivers and constructors championships. Please have a look at my other post regarding why I think that this is a really good idea!