Why the new points idea is genius! #F1

So today amongst the rule changes agreed in Paris for F1's 2014 season we see that the final race will have even more significance as drivers and constructors will be awarded double points.

All I have seen on twitter and blogs so far is complaints about how the FIA and F1 should 'get a grip' and 'stop destroying the sport'. but personally I like it!

Imagine the scenario its been a good season, a lot of good races but the final race will be the decider, a huge marketing campaign by the broadcasters / promoters / circuits / teams / sponsors will bill this with all the hyperbole of being the biggest event of the year. Like sky's football super Sunday or title showdown's in football. its a great opportunity for F1 to create a buzz and bring in some more casual viewers.

During the race every pass, every move will have increased significance as every driver will need to step on it and fight, not just for themselves but for their team, in a year where constructors places were as tightly contested as 2013, there could be multiple changes of position equalling many millions of dollars changing hands.

The excitement of the final race will be much anticipated, with no one being able to settle for second place ensuing a great GP.

The venue doesn't matter, the racing and the significance of each point will create one hell of a buzz.