Caterham's Drivers

Caterham have today announced that Charles Pic will not be driving for the team in 2014, and Giedo Van Der Garde's sponsors have been removed from the teams website pointing to my earlier prediction of an all-new lineup for this year.

Whilst an all new line-up at face value sounds like a silly idea with coninuity being the key, it could be argued that no one currently at the team has done enough to deserve a new contract, With VDG and PIC both about even come season's end but neither spectacular. Heikki Kovalainen would have expected to have staked his claim to one of the seats boasting plenty of much needed F1 experience which will be vital with the new regulations of this year but also have the knowledge of how the team works. However his end of season folly at Lotus certainly devalued his stock in F1.

This leads to an all new line-up. My earlier prediction of Kamui Kobayashi and Marcus Ericsson gives the team a shot in the arm with Kamui's experience, and character whilst newcomer Marcus Ericsson certainly looks like he could do well and of course brings the much needed $$ to the team.

It looks like the driver line-up will be officially announced tomorrow (Tuesday 21st Jan)