FORCE INDIA Release a Picture of their 2014 challenger, the VJM07

This Morning Force India released a photo of their new car making them the first team to show off their 2014 machine and give us a glimpse of what the radical new rules will bring.

As they have only released the one, side view photo we can't tell as much as we will when it hits the track, however the most striking difference is the new livery, which introduces some black to the design. This also incorporates new sponsors linked to their new driver line up - notably Claro from Mexico who have followed Sergio Perez from Sauber to McLaren and now Force India.

The picture does show off the new, more sculpted 'coke bottle' shape of the rear of the car thanks the the movement of the exhaust position which we can now see in the centre of the car, just under the rear wing. The nose looks nicely curved however you can't really tell from the photo how it will actually look, although it clear it is a very different nose section to that which we are used to. I also note the second air intake behind the roll hoop, and that you can tell that the front of the sidepods are more bloated due to the new crash structure regulations.

The team have said that the nose on the car will not be the same come Melbourne as a new 'more aggressive' package is already in the pipeline.