Driver Weight - The solution!

The driver weight issue is the big talking point in the F1 world after the revelation that Jean Eric Vergne had
to go to hospital in-between the Australian GP and Malaysian GP due to the crazy diet he has had to undertake in order to meet the minimum weight limit.

Adrian Sutil has also confirmed that he will not carry a water bottle in his car at this weekends Bahrain GP. This is of course a very dangerous situation in which drivers are putting their health at risk as the teams struggle to get the cars down to the minimum weight limit as every extra kg adds up to a slower lap time.

I believe that the answer is to mandate a separate Driver + Seat weight of say 80kg. And weigh the car separately. This would mean that lighter drivers have a heavier seat. The seat must be made of a non-active material to save teams turning them into battery packs or such like. This also keeps the weight in the same place in the car so as their would be no advantage to having a lighter driver.

The FIA needs to look at this issue very quickly to avoid an incident in a race where a driver blacks out or loses conciousness, not only endangering themselves but other competitors and spectators. I hope and pray they take notice before an incident happens like this.

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