Gene Haas has entry accepted for 2015

Gene Haas Today released a brief statement saying:
"Obviously, we’re extremely pleased to have been granted a Formula One license by the FIA. It’s an exciting time for me, Haas Automation and anyone who wanted to see an American team return to Formula One. Now, the really hard work begins. It’s a challenge we embrace as we work to put cars on the grid.
I want to thank the FIA for this opportunity and the diligence everyone put forth to see our license application come to fruition."

In January, Haas revealed his intention to enter F1, while it subsequently emerged that Colin Kolles, former team boss at Midland and its descendants, as well as HRT, is involved in a bid, Forza Rossa, funded by a Romanian consortium along with a third bid from Zoran Stefanovic of Stefan GP fame.

Ecclestone confirmed in an interview with SkyF1's Martin Brundle that not only would Haas' bid get the green light from the FIA but that another team - thought to be that led by Kolles called FORZA ROSSA- would also get approval.

Officially confirming the news, the FIA, following a meeting of its World Motor Sport Council, said: "In close consultation with the CRH (Commercial Rights holder), the FIA has accepted the candidature of Haas Formula LLC and are in the process of conducting further investigations for Forza Rossa".

Haas Automation, which was founded in 1983, is understood to be the largest CNC machine tool builder in the world, while he also founded the Windshear rolling-road wind tunnel, the world’s first commercially available, full-scale, rolling-road wind tunnel.

The new comes just in time for Haas, who initially is understood to be looking to use Ferrari technology, albeit coupled with a Dallara built chassis.
"We needed to know about two months ago," he told the the press at the weekend. "If Mr Ecclestone says that we’re accepted and the FIA issues us some kind of notice in the next few weeks, then we can entertain 2015. But if we lose another month, I don’t think we could do it."