Dear Fernando.. How do we make #F1 better for fans?

In Thursday's FIA press conference Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso asked fans to let them know how F1 can be improved as the ideas that the teams and the FIA keep coming up with keep coming in for increasing criticism (double points - engine trumpets - DRS). What will increase fan engagement and bring a new younger audience to the sport? I want to hear your ideas as fans of F1! how would you improve the sport... please comment below or over on the Facebook page. All of your answers will be collated and forwarded to the Ferrari Press Office.

Some ideas to get you started (not necessarily my thoughts but just food for thought) :-

Reduce F1 to a 2 day weekend format but with 25 race weekends a year? Include a sprint race on a saturday?

Bring back fat tyres & skinny wings - decrease the reliance on aerodynamics (should make it easier to follow in the wake of another car)

Use the free F1 app to include in-race poll's on events and incidents, display results in world feed

Make the whole contents of the F1 app free, a paid version should just be to get rid of ads. It needs to be free for fans to keep up with the sport.

Where it is not possible to have free-to-air coverage, allow free to air full replays of races

Why is there not an active F1 official tweeter at all events, catching sneaky photos from the pitlane or the stewards office etc, it'd gain millions of followers and be a great platform to promote official F1 partnerships etc

F1 to promote itself! look at the world cup.. you cant see an ad break without seeing a footballer or a reference to the event. Why is F1 not promoting its 'stars' its key assets, its incredible product?

Allow fans better access at race weekends? Make drivers more available to the public

Bring back (FOTA) fans forums - letting the fans quiz the teams