Dear Fernando.. An Open Letter, About the future of F1

Dear Fernando,

In the FIA official press conference prior to the Austrian GP you asked for the fans to come together and let you know how they would improve F1. So I asked my Twitter followers and Facebook 'likers' to see how the Formula One fans would like to see the sport changed. The responses are wide and varied so I have listed them below. I hope that some of this helps and gives you an idea of the thoughts of the public.

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  • Ryan Carson You know I'd like to see points through to the back of the field, to make each overtake more important. 
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  • Nick Yates Screaming v8s!!! whats with this green technology! I thought it was a race to see whos quickest not who will save the world first
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  • Joanne Hersom I personally think the rules need to be a bit less fervent, I think the drivers should just be allowed to race and unless somebody does something that is so dangerous as to cause injury etc or blatant cheating on track then I don't think the stewards should get involved, just let them race! Also think the tyres should be changed so that drivers can actually race each other lap after lap with no backing off to save the tyres and I agree with previous comments that points should be awarded for passes
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  • Tony Crowther Reduce pit crews to 6 people, 2 jackmen and 1 person per wheel, would really mix it up for top teams whilst also significantly reducing costs by reducing crew costs for flights and hotels, would really help small teams.
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  • Tony Crowther After qualifying put 1 -5 into hat for random draw, 6-10, 11- 16 & 17 - 22 also, would certainly mix up the established order without using completely reversed grid, would mix order without putting Caterhams and Marusia right up front!
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  • Keith Hughes Paul - for me, the rediculously complicated front wings need banning. Have a standard design with the usual minor adjustments. Save a fortune on all the crazy aero that just stops overtaking & doesn't really transfer to road cars. Get back to power unit development & mechanical grip which benefits real world and get back to racing again. (uzicebu)
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  • Tony Crowther Fat tyres and skinny wings, or just skinny wings would be so easy to impose that it's a No Brainer really!
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  • Tony Crowther I would like to see a "joker" lap like in World RallyCross, but used maybe once every 10 laps, but most circuits would need major modification, however if Bernie can make circuits spend millions of dollars on floodlights then should be possible.
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  • Phil Burston F1 needs more coverage in all ways
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  • Duurt Dijkman DRS + powerboost combined to use just once per lap, free of choice where to use it. DRS enabled from lap5 and disabled starting 5 laps before finish. Free tyrechoice from the whole range, teams choice. Warm-up practice on sunday morning to get things started and atract more fans. Open paddock / pitlane on friday would bring fans closer to the sport and what it all means to operate on that high level. Just a few thoughts from me. 

  • Beth Fogwill Haveing ALL of the races broadcast on the bbc!
  • Paul Gawne Beth Free to air coverage is a great point. I think everyone would agree with that
  • Duurt Dijkman Naked gridgirls.  #JustKidding It has to be in your blood or else you would never understand the sport.
  • Phil Burston I would say a lot more coverage
  • Paul Gawne What sort of coverage would you like to see Phil? BBC show half of the races live & the other half have extended highlights in a prime time slot. Of course there is also the f1 chanel for those that have Sky sports which shows a classic race every night as well as every session live + highlights and various new content and shows every week
  • Sarah Reed This...
  • Paul Gawne Sarah.. Is this just because they look better or....?
  • Sarah Reed Well it does look pretty sexy but I think the innovation is missing now; all the cars look the same, perform the same. I want the excitement of the new. There are too many rules and restrictions in my opinion.
  • Paul Gawne A less restrictive rulebook would certainly make F1 more entertaining but might not help them in bringing costs down 
  • Phil Burston also see more FI in the UK and to try and bring the costs down but I love F1
  • Samantha Pontin just let them race
  • Sarah Reed I don't know, for me it seems like the magic has gone. I may be just putting on my rose-tinted spectacles but things seemed more exciting with Senna, Prost, Mansell, Hill, Schumacher, Barrichello, Alesi et al all duking it out for pole. Maybe we need more characters?
  • Sarah Reed ...and the Brabham fan car!