Time to reflect.. The F1 race weekend format

With those inside the sport running around worrying that F1 is broken, the show we see on a sunday afternoon seems to be pretty awesome and really doesn't need much tweaking. But with fans demanding more for their money and smaller audiences at some tracks, does F1 need to innovate and offer more value for a fans ticket? Does F1 need to re-think the format of the race weekend?

Kevin Eason of the times believes that it does and that a possibility would be to have a session on a friday where all cars need to be on track, and whoever sets the fastest time gets 5 points towards a friday championship. 

Do you think this could be a way of getting rookies mileage? Could we have a saturday morning sprint race for half points? Could we increase the presence of the junior formulae by running a full GP2 & GP3 series in parallel with F1 races rather than select events? Does anything really need to change at all? 

The one thing I would say is that any idea that gives fans more value for money is a great idea, but it can't be at too high a cost as teams are struggling as it is. F1 needs to do more to market itself and putting on a better show for the ticket buyer could well be a good start.

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