Conspiracy Theories

It seems that a theme is appearing down at Mercedes Benz this season as every time anything happens it's being widely reported as a deliberate act to keep the championship alive or to ensure their favourite driver wins. Of course I'll state now that I categorically do not believe any conspiracy theories bounding around after the fantastic Italian GP in which Hamilton won due in part to a Rosberg error.

However some newspapers have decided to produce a story as fact that Nico deliberately out braked himself to give the lead to Lewis hereby righting his wrong and paying back for the error in judgement at spa. Firstly I wonder how much of this is British newspaper press who wish to crush their own nations sportsmen and women at every opportunity and are trying to point out that Lewis can only win if it's gifted to him, another thought is that they are happy to publish blatant lies to sell news papers (it's not an alien concept is it?) 

I think here the facts speak for themselves. Turn 1 at Monza is one of the toughest braking spots of the year, both Nico and Lewis have had brake issues throughout the year. Therefore a simple mistake here is not unheard of! 

Secondly, would Mercedes ask Rosberg to do such a thing? The punishment if court would be huge as it's 'race fixing' and if the execution of the 'off' was not perfect then the spectators, marshals and drivers lives are all put unnecessarily in danger. Also Mercedes have a very strong ethics code that runs through the company. I would bet that if Mercedes had instructed Nico to let Lewis past then he'd have done it a really obvious way on track so as to make the point that this is a gift. 

Thirdly if Nico was asked to move aside by the team, would he? Would he allow his main championship rival into the lead? The simple answer is no.

So is like to ask where the facts that make up the newspaper stories have come from? Or is this just the absolute fabrication and desperation for a story? As if they have facts, please make them public so that the FIA can investigate a horrendous breach of the rules, if not don't waste our time on ridiculous reporting.

I for one love this sport and hate the ethics of the sports competitors being questioned needlessly, the sport makes a bad enough job at PR itself without needing outside help. All this has marred what was an excellent race in Monza and a much deserved win for Lewis.