What to do when your not winning.....

Lotus F1 team haven't had the best year on track this year, amongs rumours of financial discontent and a late installation of their renault power unit, the team were arguably the slowest to get their head around the new regulations.

So what do you do when you have sponsors to please who aren't getting on the tellyboxes accross the world? you need to break out the ingenuity!

Firstly look at this music video from David Guetta - The song has reached a peak of no.5 in the Uk charts but has topped the chart in 12 countries and the video has had over 17 million views on youtube!

Also a couple of weeks ago a video of a Lotus truck 'jumping' over a Formula One car went viral on youtube gaining a further 9.7million views. You can watch this one here:

Both of these have potentially bought the newer 'digital generation's' eyeballs onto F1 machinery and have generated some great publicity for the sport and the team!

This is only the work of one team, Imagine the work that could be achieved if the FOM and the FIA worked together to promote the sport for the greater good in such ways. Imagine the marketing potential... Its such a shame that Bernie is too blinkered as to how we take the sport to the younger audience and generate a new fan base before the sport becomes out of touch and very "un-cool", and no-one really wants that.