2014 In Review - Part 3 - The Conclusion

So 2014 draws to a close and we all know how the story of the season went. Formula one has had a year of great racing, massive technological advance and the discovery of some fantastic new young talent.

Too much of 2014 has been poured into negativity, be it regarding the costs of F1, the noise of the amazing new engines. the domination of one team etc etc. but there is so much to celebrate. Here are some stats that FOM and Bernie Ecclestone should be sharing.

Some pretty awesome stats there I'm sure you'll agree. 2014 was in fact a fantastic year, with wheel to wheel battles in every GP an impressive fight between the two Mercedes drivers for the title.

So lets not dwell on the money, or the noise but revel in the amazing sporting and technological spectacle we find ourselves addicted to. Long may it continue...