Could Force India's future be linked to a vote on Marussia / Manor today?

Just a quick thought...

We all know that Force India are struggling financially, they've made no secret of this fact especially after last years USGP boycott row. The failure of their 2015 car to turn up at the first test in Jerez and now in Barcelona for the second test has certainly set tongues wagging over whether they can afford to compete. The team of course have publicly denied such issues and claimed that the delays are due to suppliers.. but one has to wonder if a delay to suppliers being paid has led to a delay in deliveries of said parts.

Now today there is a strategy group meeting in which the opportunity for the Manor F1 team to race 2014 Marussia's for the 2014 season to allow them to compete, this would also then have to apply to the rest of the grid, as you can't have one rule for one and not the others.

As such could Force India be waiting for a vote so they can race in their 2014 cars? Could they be looking to save the money to stay afloat?

As I said.. Just a thought but you never know..