Some latest #F1 headlines

So Ferrari launched a concept F1 car render, which they feel would make the sport more exciting. It got them some sponsor exposure as the pictures were shared and got tongues wagging, however it'll never happen as F1 engineers are employed to trim the fat and create cars that generate the most downforce, so unless the rules are going to be completely re-written to create more aesthetically pleasing cars, engineers aren't going to be adding the wings and styling for no aero gain.

The pictures are here:

The FIA have decreed that no driver shall be allowed to change their helmet design during the season, which seems like a bit of a strange rule. Yes it wasnt as easy to spot a driver when helmets changed every week, but is it really the biggest issue that F1 faces?

The F1 strategy group have ruled against making any knee-jerk reaction rule changes for 2016 to create 'more exciting looking cars'. These rules will now be refined and worked on for a potential 2017 introduction. These include larger rear tyres, A wider car, 1000 horse power engines etc etc.

Manor (Nee Marussia / Nee Virgin racing) has vowed to make it to the grid this year, the FIA has given them leeway in terms of holding the entry list open for as long as possible, however they would need to create 2015 spec cars in time for the Bahrain GP at the very latest (as they are allowed to miss the first three races under the same rule that saw them miss the last three of 2014) Fingers crossed!