Giedo Van Der Garde - The Sauber Conundrum

Giedo Van Der Garde, former Caterham F1 driver and Sauber F1 reserve driver has decided to take
the Swiss team to court as he claims that the team took up their option mid-2014 to have him as a race driver for 2015.

Sauber have been in dire financial trouble of late so they announced Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr as their race drivers for 2015 as they both bought significant finances to the team, some suggest that Ericssons' sponsor paid up front, thus saving the team and allowing them to continue racing.

With Sauber taking these decisions to save the team it has left no room for Dutch driver Van Der Garde. As such he has taken the team to court to try and get his seat back as he feels that he has a solid contract entitling him to it. The Swiss court seems to have ruled in his favour so this will now be looked at by an Australian judge on Monday who could enforce the decision and make the Sauber team change their line up

This story is set to run and get very interesting indeed... Keep your eyes peeled on Monday