Red Bully's

Christian Horner knew he would be making headlines with his comments after the Australian GP in which he stated that their should be some equalization to bring all of the sports engines into a similar window of competitiveness, his argument is based on the fact that it would bring closer racing and therefore be better for the sport as a whole.

I really have quite a few problems with the statement, first and foremost, when has the health of Formula One been top of Red Bull's agenda? When they challenged the regulations last year to try and de-stabilize the amazing new technology in these brand new turbo power units? When they were running away with 9 straight wins in 2013?When they entered F1 with an open chequebook policy raising the stakes at a time when the worlds economic climate was nose diving?  There are quite a few more examples too but far too many to go into here. 

Formula One is a competitive sport, everyone wants to be the best, but to be the best at any sport requires hard work, determination, the right funding and usually a bit of luck! Renault have struggles with the current power unit regulations and are still struggling now. But this is the same Renault that powered Sebastan Vettel and Red Bull Racing to 4 straight drivers and constructors titles respectively receiving a tiny footnote of appreciation.

To suggest that engines are equalised when you are not winning is like asking for a spec formula. Would Mr Horner prefer it if all of the teams had standard power units and the freedom to develop aero instead? Therefore keeping Adrian Newey in a challenge and most likely winning with best aero package on the grid? Or would Horner prefer that the whole car is standard and therefore extremely cheap to buy and run? If that is the case then yes the racing would be closer, but it would be GP2.

One of the most amazing things about Formula One is that the teams are constructors, they build their own cars, they buy their engines and have to marry the two together. Those that do the best job will be at the front. those that don't must try harder.

Everything moves in swings and roundabouts, Red Bull threatening to quit (again) if they can't get their own way it is just plain childish. Toto wolff was spot on with his comments, "get your head down and work harder" because at the end of the day, the person that does the best job deserves to win. It really isnt rocket science.

Is a domination good for F1? On the face of it most would say no, but was last year a bad year for racing? no, far far from it. So is their really a problem?

In my opinion, threatening to quit ( and therefore taking 20% of the grid and one grand prix) with them is utmost in selfishness, putting thousands of people potentially out of work? Holding the FIA to ransom by offering to cause an instant crisis by pulling out and leaving a half empty grid? I'm sorry but that is out of order.

If they do leave (and they wont), please close the door on the way out, the negative PR and stroppy ways will definitely not be missed.