F1 fan surveys - whats the point?

It's so kind of the guys at the GPDA and Autosport to provide competing fan surveys. However lets have a quick look at what people want from them.

The fan surveys are being created to see what real F1 fans want from their sport. How they see the sport developing. However I feel that both of these surveys are somewhat missing the point.

Surely the aim is to bring in new fans to F1? So shouldn't we be asking non-F1 fans why they don't watch? Is a non-F1 fan going to fill in a survey found on Autosport.com or Motorsport.com which are sites that fans visit frequently for their latest news? Would a non motorsport fan be going to these sites in the first place? Of course not.

So all we are going to see is some fuel for editorial pieces about why F1 was better in such an such an era. or x percentage of fans want to see more of this... But does any of it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

Just a thought.